What to do in a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies are inevitable and can be caused by a host of things. From a blocked drain to a gas leak or a burst pipe, your knowledge of what to do in a plumbing emergency can determine the magnitude of your plumbing problem. 

Emergency plumbing situations can appear at the worst of times, and it’s ideal to have a few tricks up your sleeve. So, in this blog, we will delve into some of the best ways to handle plumbing problems at home or commercial properties.

DIY Hacks For Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency can arrive any day or night, making it even more important to know a few emergency plumbing hacks. Immediately treating a plumbing emergency can help protect your electrical appliances and save you money and your home from further damage.

Here are some handy tips to get you through some of the worst plumbing emergencies.

Turn Off The Water

For almost any plumbing emergency, turning off the water supply to the problem point is a quick way to deal with it. Small leaks, blocked drain pooling water, and leaking water heaters are common plumbing problems that will require you to call an emergency plumber.

Shutting off the water immediately will buy you enough time until your local emergency plumber arrives. If a fixture is dysfunctional, like a leaking pipe under the basin, then shut off the water flow to the main valve for the fixture by turning it off.

The main water valve to any fixture is usually located near the bottom of the fixture. Plumbing emergencies like a burst pipe, or broken pipes, may need you to turn off the main cold water inlet valve to block the water supply within your property. This will prevent further water damage to your home and flooding.

If you need to know where the water valve to your home is, then it is recommended to ask your local plumber now. Find your Sydney licensed plumber, Aquatrade Plumbing Services, by clicking here.

Turn Off Your Hot Water System

The quickest way to deal with serious plumbing emergencies related to water heaters is by turning off your hot water system. These may include insufficient hot water supply, low water pressure, leaking system, etc.

Turning off the hot water system prevents any significant water damage to your property. If you use a gas hot water system, immediately turn off the gas to prevent further damage.

From gas leaks to a dysfunctional water heater, let a professional plumber handle these plumbing emergencies. Call the best Sydney emergency plumbers, Aquatrade Plumbing Services, now!

Water Leaks

A small leak may not be a major emergency, but you may need professional help. If a fixture or a pipe has a leak, you can contain the water by placing buckets beneath the water line from the leak.

A handier trick is to wrap the leak with plumbers’ tape or duct tape. If it’s a major leak, you may also use a C-clamp or a sleeve clamp instead. These are temporary fixes to a plumbing issue – a job for a licensed plumber.

A water leak in pipes within your home or property is a true plumbing emergency that needs you to call an emergency plumber immediately. Prevent any serious damage to your property by clicking here to call your local reliable plumbing service.

Call a Professional Plumber

Irrespective of your problem, it is always a plumbing job for your local plumber. The magnitude of your plumbing emergency is usually determined by the extent of the water damage it has caused.

These tricks help prevent any significant damage to your property before your local Sydney emergency plumber arrives. Providers of residential plumbing services on speed dial can only help prevent more harm to your plumbing system.

Aquatrade Plumbing Services

Aquatrade Plumbing Services is one of Sydney’s best emergency plumber service providers specialising in all kinds of plumbing needs, such as roof and gutter leaks, toilet repair, hot water system repair, leaking pipes, and more.

If you are in a plumbing issue and need an expert emergency service, then call Aquatrade Plumbing Services now. Click here to explore the best plumbing service in Sydney.


Is a blocked bathroom sink an emergency?

Sinks in the bathroom and kitchen are the most commonly used plumbing fixtures. A blocked drain can be very inconvenient. Try using a plunger to unblock the drain. If the water drains back up and fills the sink, it is a job for an emergency plumber.

What are the most common plumbing emergencies?

Plumbing emergencies can include leaking pipes and faucets, clogged toilet and drains, malfunctioning water metre, broken water heaters, musty smell from open drains, and others. Irrespective of the issue, plumbing problems need the expert work of a professional plumber.

How do you know if the pipes in your home are going to burst?

Signs of a plumbing emergency are often always in plain sight. An emergency plumbing issue like a burst pipe can lead to complex plumbing problems. Prevent a major problem by keeping a keen eye and ear out for signs like damp walls, water rings on the ceiling, musty smell from taps, and bubbling or whistling noises.

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